Houston Soul Food Restaurant

Soul Food To-Go

As one of the few Houston neighborhood food market Soul Food to-go restaurants, we take pride of the comments from customers throughout Houston. Our soul food dishes are prepared fresh daily and our food servers are part of the “Down Home” southern experience. We serve plentiful portions!

So when you are ready for a great soul food “Power Lunch“, just outside of Houston’s 610 Loop, come to our Houston soul food restaurant to-go, Family Discount Food.

View our Houston Soul Food restaurant photos and contact us for additional information: 713.631.7000

$4.59 – Lunch Specials – $5.99

All Lunch plates come with (2) vegetables and cornbread
* Meals are subject to product availability

 Pork Chops w/ rice
 Smothered Chicken -2 pcs.
 Hammocks w/ rice
 Pig Feet w/ rice
 Butter Wings w/ rice
 Chicken Mushroom w/ rice
 Turkey Necks w/ rice
 Meat Loaf w/ rice
 Turkey Wings w/ rice

• Mustard Greens
• Green Beans
• Okra w/ tomato
• Corn
• Broccoli
• Macaroni & Cheese
• Mash Potatoes
• Mixed Vegetables
• Zucchini

• Meat Balls w/ rice
• Beef Stew w/ rice
• Gumbo w/ rice
• Black-eyed Peas
• Jambalaya w/ rice
• Yams
• Lima Beans
• Pinto Beans
• Cabbage